When you look in the mirror, are you seeing more lines and wrinkles?


I am sure a lot of us have felt like we’ve aged these last 12 months, particularly around the eyes.


Are you shocked at how much time you are spending on your screens?

Had you even heard of “Zoom” twelve months ago? And now Zoom is a household name! Sometimes we can be on it all day every day. Certain studies show that before the pandemic, a shocking 60% of us were spending more than 6 hours on our phone. With this last lockdown being in the winter that will have increased for sure!


High Energy Visible light (HEV) is emitted by our iPads, computers and smart phones, in fact all electronic equipment and even your house lighting. This causes oxidative damage and free radical production which contributes to the skins ageing process. It delays skin barrier recovery and leads to dehydration.

What does this mean for our skin?


The skin is the largest organ of our body with a strong circadian rhythm. By day it protects us, at night it will rest and repair. As a society we are addicted to technology even when we sleep. By using our phone at night, we give our cells the message to wake up. Studies have shown LED effects the skin for 6 hours after the light has been switched off, there is no evidence for high energy light but if we use this as a guide it will take 6 hours after we turn our screens off until our skin begins to repair. We could be depriving our skin of that very important time to repair.

Let’s start to assess what is important to us and our wellbeing.


There is a link between social media consumption and the increase in anxiety, depression and mental health issues. We need to begin looking at ways of cutting down our screen time as we come out of lockdown.


We can begin to adapt our habits by:

1. Using meditation, mindfulness and reading;

2. Using blue light screen protectors or glasses and grayscale in the evening to help.

3. Products containing antioxidants can help but won’t stop the damage alone.

4. Using SPF that protects the skin not only against UV light, but other forms of light too including HEV.


Maybe a digital detox is needed?


If we have more balance in our life, we can go some way to improve our skins health too.



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  1. This is so me…under the covers in the middle of the night looking at my phone! Should really think twice about doing it!

  2. This is such a great topic. I am spending so much more time on my screen. A detox every now and then is a great idea. Got some glass too as it was really affecting my sleep!

  3. A great read thank you Tracy.
    Yes a screen detox is definitely needed. I think a lot of people don’t realise the damaging effects it has on our skin.

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