Celebrating Complementary Therapies

This week sees the celebration of Complementary Therapy Week, to recognise and promote the huge number of therapies and professionals all over the country.  This year is particularly significant as so many of these businesses have been hit hard by the national lockdown.


Complementary Therapy (CT) is a term used to describe a practice that offers an alternative or collaborative approach to treating conditions alongside standard medicine. Half of us will use a form of CT in our lifetimes and many will find great comfort and wellness in what they provide.

So what types of Complementary Therapy are there?

1. Aromatherapy

2. Reflexology

3. Meditation & Mindfulness

4. Yoga

5. Hypnotherapy

6. Wim Hof Breathing

7. Reiki

8. Herbal Therapies

9. Crystal Healing

10. Massage…to name but a few

Many Complementary Therapies focus on relaxation and take a holistic approach to healing so as stress levels and mental health issues are on the rise CT can be extremely beneficial. 

A Focus on Home Therapies…

Aromatherapy is particularly easy to  use at home. In clinics and salons, aromatherapy will be used in the form of massage. Oils being blended to take into consideration your condition or needs. However at home, just the act of lying in a warm bath infused with the oils or burning your favourite scent can promote relaxation and healing. 

Always follow the guidance as aromatherapy oils can be surprisingly strong.


Meditation is a much used therapy,  many of us choosing to either see a practitioner or follow online tutorials and books to learn how to effectively introduce this to our daily lives. You may do a minute to refocus yourself or practise for hours but making it a habit will encourage you to step away from the screen and calm your thoughts. 

Try it! Let us know how you feel. Meditation is often quoted as being the practise of choice for many a successful person!


Online yoga classes have seen a huge uptake in of clients during the pandemic. Focusing on stretching, breathing, flexibility and strength, this ancient practice brings harmony to mind and body.  Yoga should be done mindfully as the stretches can be challenging and practitioners may study for years to learn this art.

Start now…


Whilst the clinics are still closed, why not take some time away from the screen this week and think about where you can add a simple Complementary Therapy into your day.  Mindfulness first thing in the morning to focus your day, yoga at lunch to give your body a break from work and then a warm bath with your chosen oil to relax in the evening.




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