In this article, Maria Rylott-Byrd talks about the common inflammatory skin condition, Rosacea.  How, we as Skin Professionals can help and advise our clients. 


I see a lot of rosacea in my clinic, probably because my clients are pre-dominantly women aged between 40-60, so they fit the profile.


Rosacea is a common inflammatory condition that usually affects the face.  Symptoms can be high colour and dilated capillaries, although it can be further complicated by acne symptoms, skin thickening and in some cases, eye issues.

It’s very persistent and can worsen over time.

The exact cause is as-yet unproven and the condition can’t be cured, however it can be successfully alleviated.


Known triggers are extreme heat, extreme cold, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods and the sun, so it goes without saying that you need to avoid these.


GP’s, have a tendency to prescribe topical and oral antibiotics.  This can quickly reduce inflammation and pustules, but it can really ravage the skin, leaving the epidermis dry and sensitive, creating a bit of a vicious circle.

In my clinic, I firstly work on calming, balancing and soothing the sensitivity.  Rosacea skins tend to have poor circulation, so facials can be a gentle way to strengthen and repair the compromised skin barrier.


A good home-care regime is also crucial.  The skin needs constant daily care using active ingredients proven to calm and soothe. 

Once the skin is less sensitised, I can successfully diminish the dilated capillaries with aesthetic electrolysis, which helps reduce the high colour.


Generally, acne symptoms taper once a thorough and effective cleansing routine is in place.  However, if not retinaldehyde (similar to retinol, but gentler) can be introduced for home use.


So, as you can see rosacea is a complicated skin condition and needs careful handling, but there is definitely hope!


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