We are a group of passionate Skin Professionals from a variety of backgrounds and we want to help you.

The Skin Collaborative is a group of Skin Specialists located across the UK with a variety of backgrounds in beauty, advanced skin care, aesthetics and medical treatments, we are passionate to educate and inspire you to take a stand for your skin – to understand the connection between your skin, body and mind. 


My Hormones & Me

When we think of hormone imbalances, we often think of puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy and menopause, but did you know that it’s not all about the sex hormones? Hormonal imbalance means either excessive or reduced secretion of a certain hormone.  Even a little change in our hormone secretion can

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Let’s talk about rosacea

In this article, Maria Rylott-Byrd talks about the common inflammatory skin condition, Rosacea.  How, we as Skin Professionals can help and advise our clients.    I see a lot of rosacea in my clinic, probably because my clients are pre-dominantly women aged between 40-60, so they fit the profile.

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The Skin Collaborative
Joanne Serrant

Celebrating Complementary Therapies

This week sees the celebration of Complementary Therapy Week, to recognise and promote the huge number of therapies and professionals all over the country.  This year is particularly significant as so many of these businesses have been hit hard by the national lockdown. Complementary Therapy (CT) is a term

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