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The Skin Collaborative is a group of Skin Specialists located across the UK with a variety of backgrounds in beauty, advanced skin care, aesthetics and medical treatments, we are passionate to educate and inspire you to take a stand for your skin – to understand the connection between your skin, body and mind. 

The Skin Collaborative
Sarah Hurst

Why is the Science in Your Skincare so Important?

Most of us have heard the term cosmetics but few people understand the word “cosmeceutical.”   The term ‘cosmeceutical’ was introduced by a dermatologist, Dr Albert Kilgman in 1984.  It is derived from the terms cosmetic and pharmaceutical.   Cosmeceuticals contain ingredients that are medically proven to penetrate active ingredients

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The Skin Collaborative
Tracy Munro

Blue Light and Your Skin

When you look in the mirror, are you seeing more lines and wrinkles?   I am sure a lot of us have felt like we’ve aged these last 12 months, particularly around the eyes.   Are you shocked at how much time you are spending on your screens? Had

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Maria Rylott-Byrd

Filters in Social Media

Beauty filters are often used on apps such as Instagram and Snapchat to enhance a person’s physical appearance. Whether it be to smooth the skin, enlarge the lips or slim the face, these filters are regularly used by individuals, as well as companies, to help market their products and services.  

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